Ministry of Interior of the State of Schleswig-Holstein

Germany’s unregulated online casino market has given way to strict requirements for web-based gambling operations.

In 2008, an interstate gambling treaty (IGT) was passed to regulate all states in the country. In 2012, Schleswig-Holstein chose to opt out of the treaty, as the state began issuing casino licenses.

Its Ministry of Interior oversaw the region’s foray into gambling by instituting significant regulations for casinos and software providers.

The state’s Gambling Act aligned with the IGT, providing a framework to protect players and operators. It also offered anti-money laundering guidelines and fair gameplay measures for all mobile and online casinos in the state.

Ministry of Interior of the State of Schleswig-Holstein
Mobile Casinos Licensed by the State of Schleswig-HolsteinAbout the State of Schleswig-Holstein License
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Mobile Casinos Licensed by the State of Schleswig-Holstein

We’ve noted that Schleswig-Holstein’s lawmakers have passed legislation for issuing online table game licenses to five operators. An up to 44 percent tax rate of gaming proceeds applies.

The fourth IGT enacted in July 2021 allows state government bodies to choose how to regulate casino table games online. Schleswig-Holstein decided to issue five online table game licenses.

In the state, there are five operating land-based casinos. The state-run casino Spielbank Schleswig-Holstein is slated to receive one of the licenses.

New laws govern the tax rate for online games. 34-percent-tax applies to digital casinos, which receive up to €300,000 in revenue per month. For income of €300,000 to €750,000, the tax rate is 39 percent. Revenue of more than €750,000 is taxed at 44 percent.


Online casinos are regulated by Schleswig-Holstein officials. In fact, Schleswig-Holstein issued online gambling licenses first in the region.

In the last ten years, the gambling framework in Germany has evolved. The current federal IGT regulates gambling, even though historically, Schleswig-Holstein implemented its own regulations.

In 2012, there were two licenses available to operators, an organizing license for an event or a distribution license for those operators who sell gambling services regularly.

Even as the regulations change, current license holders are expected to maintain the criteria established to support fair gameplay.

Past License Requirements

  • EEA or EU registration requirement
  • €1 million bank guarantee
  • Pay tax obligations
  • License fees
  • Business plan
  • Strategic gaming action plan

About the State of Schleswig-Holstein License

As of January 2022, no additional online licenses have been issued, with one slated to go to the state-run casino. However, if past licensing requirements are an indication, applicants will have to adhere to strict requirements to receive and maintain an online license in Schleswig-Holstein.

In fact, federal regulators are looking to monitor and regulate web-based and mobile casinos.

In the past, Schleswig-Holstein offered licensing through an intense application process. The state considered applications from some of the most prominent digital casinos.

Although the state joined the federal gambling act and oversight, many of the previous licensees are still operating under past license approval.

The federal authority has been created in Sachsen-Anhalt, which monitors providers that move abroad and Germany’s channeling plan.

Regulators hope that states support the newly organized federal regulatory body. As of January 2022, no online gaming licenses have been issued by the regulatory body yet.

For Schleswig-Holstein’s land-based casinos, an online operation is a natural progression. With the limited number of online table gaming licenses available for operators, the state plans on implementing strict requirements to ensure that online casinos are in line with the state’s regulations.

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