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A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Casino Bonuses and Promotions


Bonuses and promotions are a big selling point for mobile casinos. There are a lot of offers, particularly for new players, with varying benefits. Trying to decipher which offers hold the best value can be difficult, especially for online casino novices. The following article will run through some of the most common types of bonuses and promotions you are likely to come across when searching for a new mobile casino. Information about what each offer entails is offered for each category but every casino is different so make sure to check their terms and conditions if you are not sure.

Is Live Casino Gaming the New Normal?


The online casino space is changing and innovating rapidly. Today, it’s becoming harder and boring to enjoy playing your typical slot games day in day out. And that’s why live casino games are quickly taking over the gambling realm. Since most licensed and reputable online casinos provide live versions, gaming buffs can bet at their convenience. With these games, players can experience the thrills of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, but from the comfort of their internet-enabled devices. So, before you jump the gun and sign up an online casino account, read this article first!

Best Mobile Poker Apps 2020


There are tonnes of dedicated poker apps available to mobile users. The best poker apps have multi-table options, easy-to-use buttons, and intuitive lobbies. We’ll be running through some of the aspects and features that make these apps worth considering if you’re looking for a new mobile poker app. Whether you’re playing for fun or for real money, the following list of apps are some of the best available on the market today.

Choosing a Safe Mobile Casino


Choosing a mobile casino can be difficult, especially for new beginners to online casino games. The following article will take you through some of the important things to bear in mind when looking.

What is a High Volatility Slot Game?


Video slots are extremely popular in the world of online casinos. Within these there several types of slot games with high volatility being among the most popular. The term ‘volatility’ references three different aspects in a slot game. These are the sum paid out, the level of risk, and the frequency of wins. High volatility slot games have by definition a bigger discrepancy between payouts. Basically, knowing the volatility (or variance as its sometimes known) gives the player the ability to choose a slot best matching their preferences by providing awareness on how likely it is for them to win big.

Top Reasons to Play Mobile Casino Games


Online casinos have flourished over the past two decades. Currently, interest is shifting towards mobile casino gaming. That can be seen with the increased number of casino apps that are flooding the gambling industry. Players can also log into the casino website from their smartphone browsers and play. The increased number of smartphone users contributes the most to the increased popularity of mobile casino gaming. The smartphone prices went down significantly with the improvement in technology, making them a lot more accessible. Many people can also access the internet, which is all a player needs to play his favorite casino games on a smartphone.

History of Mobile Casino Gaming


The inception of the internet revolutionized the entire casino and gambling industry. Virtual casinos were born and started rivaling their land counterparts. Online gambling has further metamorphized and adapted to new technologies and new ways of wagering. Internet betting continues to shift from computers to mobile platforms. Although online gambling has been present since the ‘90s, mobile gambling has only been present for slightly over a decade. Mobile casinos allow players to game whenever, whatever time they wish. The only requirement is a smartphone and stable internet connectivity. Learn about the history of mobile gaming and its evolution here.

The Best Android Mobile Games of 2020


Technological advancements have been crucial in the development of online games. The success of mobile operating systems like android has provided a platform for developers to create amazing games for potential players. Thus, gaming fanatics in the comfort of their houses or office have access to the top android games. Presently, Google Play Store is characterized by several applications, and the majority of them are games. Some of the best activities can be found on Google Play Store, where players can check for reviews, features, and other vital aspects for games mobile. Furthermore, here are some of the best android mobile games of 2020.

Playing Slots for a Living


The majority of people visit the casino for fun. Gambling fanatics are individuals who will make a wager on an amount they can afford to lose and play for the thrill of the game. The outcome, good or bad, is easily accepted because the players are prepared for any results. Gambling for a living can be the ultimate dream for many players. It can be a tough decision to make but quite possible. For many gamblers, the primary question is always if they can “make money on slots.” Well, the answer is yes, players can make money on slots. Here is how.

Why Online Gamblers are Turning to Mobile Gaming


The popularity of mobile gaming among gamblers has increased a lot over the recent past. That is evident by the number of gambling apps available already in the overcrowded market and a decrease in the number of gamblers who visit the traditional casinos or visit gambling sites via desktops. Even for those who do not prefer using mobile apps, most of them access gambling sites via their smartphones. That is thanks to many casino providers making their websites mobile-friendly. Even non-gamblers are trying out mobile gaming nowadays as part of their entertainment. Below are some of the top reasons, gamblers are turning to mobile gaming.

The Benefits of Gambling at Mobile Casinos


As technology evolves, powerful smartphones and fast internet connections are now part of everybody's life. That's why the online gambling industry is offering a vast array of games and services, specially created for mobile gaming, through native apps and improved online browser casino versions. A growing number of punters are getting involved in mobile gaming. Have a look at the main advantages of switching to this relatively new way to play. In fact, there are many reasons why players prefer to "go mobile," including:

Choosing a Mobile Gambling App


The number of people who own smartphones has grown quite a lot over the recent past. The result is that mobile gambling has also increased in popularity. That is mostly because of the ease of access to casino gaming that mobile devices provide, among many other benefits. There are numerous gambling apps available, making it quite overwhelming for a player to choose the right one. Different players may have different preferences based on the types of mobile casino games they prefer and the amounts of stakes they place, among other things. Below are the main things to consider when choosing a gambling app.

Seven Things to Know About Online Mobile Gambling


It is no real surprise that online gambling is the latest sensation among gaming enthusiasts. But “when did online gambling start?” is a frequent inquiry among beginners. Online gambling started as early as 1996. Now mobile technology has changed the game. However, here are things to know before starting. Mobile technology has made online gambling more interactive and fun. But with technology comes security concerns due to the presence of malicious software and hackers. So before players start online mobile gambling, they should ensure the mobile casino is secured and licensed by the regulatory bodies. The best experience is possible in a safe mobile casino.

The Implications of 5G Technology for Mobile Casino Games


The anticipated 5G roll-out is set to influence and boost various aspects of the gaming sector. 5G is a fifth-generation mobile network that will virtually connect everything and everyone. Essentially, this network will encompass 4G mobile internet speeds and make it faster and more efficient. Mobile gaming is an industry that will benefit significantly from 5G technologies. Many players are using their mobile phones to play mobile online casino games. With 5G, players can now a ccess games that were initially impossible using mobile data. Also, players can download online games faster. Here are some implications of 5G technology for mobile casino games.

Benefits of Mobile Casino Gaming


Casinos have come a long way over time. During the early days, players needed to visit physical casinos to play their favorite slots games. However, it's now possible to wager on popular casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and other slot games online and win great prizes. Online casino providers realized that one cant be at home all day long in front of their computers. This is why mobile phone casino platforms have been developed, and players can play new mobile casino games on the go on their sma rtphones or tablets. Let's look at some advantages of mobile phone casinos.

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