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Flat Betting Typically Means Steady Wins



"Flat betting is considered by many in the gambling world as conservative betting. They are right, because flat betting, essentially, is playing it safe. You’re not playing the odds like most other strategies will have you do, but rather you are betting the same amount each time you play. This method of betting can be used with any game you choose to play. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, sports games…..it doesn’t matter because flat betting is a very simple process. Here are some examples. In blackjack there are ways you can somewhat determine whether you should hit or not based on the cards laid in previous hands. If you do this and you see the odds are in your favor of winning your current hand, you would normally raise your bet. If you bet $10 the last hand, you may want to bet $20 on your current hand. With flat betting you do not do this. You stay with the $10 bet all day, or night, long regardless of the odds.

Flat Betting Typically Means Steady Wins

If you like to place wagers on NFL games, flat betting is considered more conservative as the season progresses. Let us say you start placing wagers in week 2 of the regular season. In week 2 it is very hard to pick winners because every team’s record is essentially still the same. A $50 bet at this stage may seem a little steep to the normal “investor”, but at week fifteen it may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to what most other people are putting in.

But this strategy of flat betting works well in the long run when playing the NFL teams when you consider the odds that will vary between weeks 2 and fifteen. At week 2 the odds will not be very high at all for any team regardless of their current record. The main reason odds vary as much as they do at this stage of the season is because of how well the team did last year, historically, how stable the front office is and the draft picks during the off season. As the season progresses though the odds do too.

This type of fluctuation can make it very hard for the normal investor to decide what to bet, therefore it makes it hard for him or her to win bets. That isn’t an issue with flat betting. Regardless of whether the blackjack deck progresses or the NFL season progresses, the bet stays the same as do your chances of winning or losing. What works in the favor of the investor who flat bets is the amount of money he or she can win during the NFL season as a whole, or through 6 hours of blackjack play.

You may not win your retirement money by flat betting, but the odds are in the favor of flat betters to win steadily."

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