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Mobile Gambling Market Trends and Revenue Projections


Mobile Gambling Market Trends and Revenue Projections

Mobile gambling is a new trend where gamblers can gamble using their mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets and enabled by internet connectivity.

Mobile gambling gives people an opportunity to play games virtually using their mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets. For this to be possible, people need to have internet connectivity on their mobile devices. Most casinos across the world are making this possible to their customers.

Most casinos across the world are moving from brick and mortar spaces to online platforms. An increase in the uptake of smartphones is enabling casinos to increase their customer base since they can tap on both local and international players who would otherwise not make to the traditional brick and mortar premises.

Mobile Gambling Market Revenue

Mobile Gambling market revenues keep on growing as more and more customers are able to access the market through their mobile phones and tablets. There is no consensus on the amount of revenue generated by mobile gambling. Different organizations have given revenue amounts with huge discrepancies.

The huge discrepancies in the amount of revenue generated by mobile gambling make it difficult to estimate the actual revenue from the market. For instance, some organizations gave mobile gambling revenue figures with a difference of about US$15 billion. This difference is huge hence making it hard to determine the amount of revenue generated by mobile gambling.

Mobile Gambling Market Projections

While it is hard to estimate the amount of revenue generated by the mobile gambling market, some organizations expected the amount of revenue generated by mobile casino games to be more than US$48 billion. This amount is expected to be way higher given the continuous usage of mobile gambling platforms.

Some of the factors that are likely to drive mobile gambling revenues are mobile gambling legislation liberalization in Europe and an increase in the number of mobile casinos and other online betting platforms in developing countries as well as increased uptake of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile Casino Market

With an increase in mobile subscriptions and internet connectivity, the mobile casino market is growing very fast as people who have mobile devices and internet connectivity are likely to engage in the mobile casino market. Research showed that about eight percent of smartphone holders in the US are likely to play mobile casino games.

There is an emergence of mobile casino apps that are enabling people to play casino games on their mobile devices. Casinos are taking advantage of this mass market since it will enable them to increase their customer base and revenues while giving their customers the freedom to gamble at the comfort of their homes.

Finding the Best Free No Deposit Mobile Casino Bonus 2020


When looking for a mobile casino, the available signup bonus can determine whether you join or not. The truth is, more online casinos are offering jaw-dropping bonuses than ever before to attract both you and me. So, more competition means better casinos, better game quality, and of course, better rewards. And an excellent example is a free no deposit mobile casino bonus.

Affordable Gambling with a $1 Deposit Mobile Casino


Today, you don't need to break the bank to play on your favorite mobile casino. While most on line casinos require at least a $5 deposit to play, others have set the limits much lower. You can place a wager and play like a king with just a single dollar. Yes, it's possible!

Getting Started at a Mobile Casino


The onset of online casinos made it possible to play games such as table games and slots from the comfort of your home. However, mobile casinos have taken things to the next level. With mobile casinos, you have access to all casino games anywhere, anytime. So, before downloading that casino app on your Android or iOS phone, let’s first find out the basics of mobile gaming.

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