November 16, 2020

Mobile vs. Desktop Casinos

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Remote gambling has made life easy for most players. Online casinos allow millions of players to place bets right at the comfort of their desktops or mobile phones. But there’s a slight issue. Most players are stuck choosing between desktop and mobile gambling apps? So, how do these two gaming platforms compare? Read on to find out!

Mobile vs. Desktop Casinos

Desktop vs. Mobile Gambling Apps: Convenience

Both desktop and mobile casinos allow players to gamble remotely. But compared to desktop gaming, smartphone gamers can play their favorite casino games pretty much everywhere. Whether you’re looking to play at home, at the gym, or even in the bank queue, mobile casinos are best for you. Also, mobile casinos offer unmatched discretion, thanks to the small screen size. This allows you to play in a crowd without getting noticed.

Desktop vs. Mobile Gambling Apps: Internet Speed

While there is no clear winner here, it’s evident that desktops offer fast gameplay than smartphone casinos. A computer connected to a reliable Wi-Fi should offer a super-fast and stable gaming experience. However, 4G internet is no slouch, either because it can easily match Wi-Fi networks in most aspects. Also, you don’t need to pay those exorbitant fees to install 4G internet on mobile. And yes, the new 5G network is sure to make mobile gaming even quicker.

Desktops vs. Mobile Gambling Apps: Game Variety

This is another controversial point. Keen online casino players will agree that desktop casinos offer slightly more gaming variety. That’s because most desktops offer better display resolutions, processors, and graphic cards than mobile phones. But if you can afford a high-end mobile phone, you should access all the gaming titles on a desktop casino. Also, your device should be a few years or even months old to access desktop titles. So, it’s mostly about your device preference.

Desktops vs. Mobile Gambling Apps: Banking Options

The best mobile casinos in the game can match their desktop counterparts in terms of banking options. Both players can access credit and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and, if possible, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Mobile casinos even take it a notch further with the convenient SMS billing. This method allows mobile gamblers to link their phone bill to their casino accounts and make payments on the go. So mobile casinos have the edge here.

Desktops vs. Mobile Gambling Apps: Battery Life

Between your smartphone battery and laptop battery, which one can last longer? Your guess is as good as mine! Obviously, computers enjoy constant power flow but only when connected to a power source. Similar is right about smartphones and tablets.

But on standalone battery performance, mobile phones should last longer. Current mobile phones can support a whole day of gaming and browsing activities. Don’t forget that you can also purchase a power bank and additional battery to keep playing all day long. Plus, there are many other tricks on how to improve your battery life while gaming on mobile.

Desktops vs. Mobile Gambling Apps: Screen Size

This point doesn’t need much of an introduction. Playing on a desktop casino gives you a better and broader view of what’s happening. Thus, screen size can indeed tilt the favor to desktop casinos if you want a live casino experience. However, tablets equally offer large screen sizes, though not as big as desktops. So, if the screen size is your sticking point, I recommend getting a tablet.

The Bottom Line

According to a 2019 UKGC report, up to 50% of all online gamblers use mobile phones and tablets to bet. This only supports the narrative that mobile gambling apps are taking over. You can download most of them from the Play Store, App Store, or the official website. So, join the party and have fun!

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