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Our favorite 3D slots right now!


Our favorite 3D slots right now!

"These days when you sit down at a computer or device to play some slots, you can be forgiven for wondering if you’ve accidentally downloaded a movie instead. The sound, graphics, and overall quality of both “physical” and online slots games have improved dramatically over the last decade. Many of these games now have involved plots. That’s a big change from blankly plinking quarters into a slot and watch columns of fruit change! And just as movies are rediscovering the joys of 3-D, slots games developers are making “3-D” games as well. In fact, more and more of these games are getting the “3-D treatment”, so many in fact, that a gambler may be stumped as to which are the best ones to play. Read on to learn more about what 3-D offerings are currently out there, and which ones are worth playing.

You Won’t Need Glasses

Are you worried that you’ll need a pair of funky 3-D glasses or a special projector to play these 3-D online slots games? Relax. Strictly speaking, these games aren’t true 3-D, but the image quality, which usually features at least some live animation is so good, that it pops out at players 3-D style. Not all of these games identify themselves as “3-D”, so if this is the experience you’re looking for, pay attention to who the game developer is. Chetu, Betsoft, and NetEnt have all produced highly regarded, award winning “3-D” slot games.

The Current Best 3-D Slots Games

1. Birds

No, they’re not especially angry, but they’re certainly active with groundbreaking animation that has various bird types flying, hatching from eggs, etc. The animation is so eye-catching and distracting here, don’t let it put you off of your game with this new slots machine. Aside from the graphics, what’s really unique about this game is its five reel, zero payline system. You simply have to have three matching birds in any combination to win. The game allows bets to be adjusted during pay, offers free spins, and can be played on mobile devices.

2. Flux

The only offering out there that’s as much light show as it is slots game. Aside from having players feel as though they’re floating through space, this Thunderkick game offers five reels and fifteen paylines. Winning free spins allows players an extra space on reels, increasing winning chances.

3. Dracula

The classic story gets a modern day treatment in this NetEnt five reel, forty payline game. Players are enablers who bring Count D. various victims, and are rewarded with Wild and Free spins. This game’s unique feature is its “Bat Feature”-when a flock of bats appears on-screen, bonus spins can as much as triple in value.

4. Mr. Vegas

It seems appropriate to include a gambling themed game here, and gambling certainly is the plot in this five reel, thirty payline game. Join Mr. Vegas as he plays poker, roulette, and of course, slots. The unique feature of this BetSoft slots is its game within a game, which allows players to increase the value of bonus spins.

5. Barbary Coast

This is a five reel, thirty payline adventure from BetSoft in which players take on a ship of plundering pirates. This game’s unique feature is a “drinking competition” instead of a gambling one.

6. Arcader

Although this Kickstarter slots is a traditional five reel, fifteen payline game, it has a very futuristic, odd feel about it, complete with highly pixelated graphics and “futuristic” sound effects.

7. Jack And The Beanstalk

Gorgeous graphics, sound, and a “mini-feature” movie before the game starts aren’t the only things that make this NetEnt five reel, twenty line game stand out. It has a unique “Walking Wild” feature that if landed on can extend game play and increase the value of bonus spins.

8. Hot As Hades

Hang out in a mythological underworld with Greek deities and explore a dark and mysterious cavern in this five reel, twenty payline game, where a unique character transformation allows you to dramatically increase the value of Wild spins."

Finding the Best Free No Deposit Mobile Casino Bonus 2020


When looking for a mobile casino, the available signup bonus can determine whether you join or not. The truth is, more online casinos are offering jaw-dropping bonuses than ever before to attract both you and me. So, more competition means better casinos, better game quality, and of course, better rewards. And an excellent example is a free no deposit mobile casino bonus.

Affordable Gambling with a $1 Deposit Mobile Casino


Today, you don't need to break the bank to play on your favorite mobile casino. While most on line casinos require at least a $5 deposit to play, others have set the limits much lower. You can place a wager and play like a king with just a single dollar. Yes, it's possible!

Getting Started at a Mobile Casino


The onset of online casinos made it possible to play games such as table games and slots from the comfort of your home. However, mobile casinos have taken things to the next level. With mobile casinos, you have access to all casino games anywhere, anytime. So, before downloading that casino app on your Android or iOS phone, let’s first find out the basics of mobile gaming.

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