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Scientific Games Celebrates Successful Lottery Systems Launch in Switzerland



Ethan Tremblay

Scientific Games are proud to announce the successful launch of its Lottery Systems for Switzerland.

Scientific Games Celebrates Successful Lottery Systems Launch in Switzerland

Scientific Games has been working on this project with LOTTO SWITZERLAND - the Swiss National Lottery operator and market leader in lotteries in Switzerland - for many months, with a focus on enhancing Scientific Games’ flagship products such as SCIENTIST, SCIENCO and SCIENCE.

The goal was to create an intuitive lottery system that enables players from all walks of life to easily play their favorite games online or via mobile devices. The new Scientific Games Lottery System will provide players with access to all current and future jackpots, in addition to an interactive game.

Dr. Roger Fasnacht, Director of Swisslos said that he is excited to launch an instant ticket system with a technology-based approach in order for them and their beneficiaries to responsibly grow sales without relying on retail stores or distributors. Swisslos instant games are nothing to scoff at, representing $410 million of its total lottery retail sales. The company also provides the Lottery with a central lottery gaming system and WAVE™ retailer point-of-sale terminals as well as terminal software for sports betting.

"The launch of the new instant ticket management system for Swisslos is a testament to our vision and drive towards modernization. We are so proud that we have been able to support Swiss players, retailers, and beneficiary programs over these many years by constantly advancing technologies."

"We're thrilled with this advancement in technology as it will allow us to better serve all involved parties," said Christian Kometer Managing Director International Lottery Systems at Scientific Games Corporation. "It's an honor that we've had such a long-standing relationship with Switzerland..."

Scientific Games is a company that makes lottery systems and other products. They are the leading supplier of instant games in Europe, representing more than 70% of global retail sales for this product type. The company also specializes in digital gaming, mobile apps, loyalty programs and much more!

About Scientific Games

Scientific Games Corporation is a company that provides games, systems and services to the casino industry. They offer an expansive portfolio of entertainment for both casinos and players alike. Scientific Games offers all sorts of products including dynamic games like those found at slots as well as traditional table-games such as their patented technology on roulette wheels.

Every aspect from game content to platforms are designed with customer experience in mind, ensuring every player has something they will enjoy while also being responsible by integrating security features into everything they do.

Forward-Looking Statements

Scientific Games made "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act in this press release, as phrases such as "will," "may," and “should." These predictions are based on management's current expectations, assumptions and estimates rather than guarantees about timing or future events that can be predicted with any accuracy at all.

The risks and uncertainties mentioned in this statement are not the only ones. There could be many other factors or circumstances that might also influence our results, such as those we can't anticipate yet.

Forward-looking statements may be subject to change without notice.

Scientific Games is not legally obligated to update their forward looking statement when new information arises, but they voluntarily choose too because it's in the best interest of the investors and future buyers.

AUTHOREthan Tremblay

Spending 13 years in the casino industry there are few things that I haven’t experienced. I remember my first day working at one of the many casinos by the Niagara falls, on the Canadian side. I knew very little about casino games, everything but Poker (I have always been a massive fan of poker), nowadays I played all the casino games at least a hundred times, but poker still is my favorite. Not only have I played at the casinos but these 13 years have also led me to work in most sections, anything from buzz boy, dealer and now editor-in-chief. What I love about working with casinos online is the international players. I realized that my casino experience has been limited to Canadians and a handful of Americans. Turns out there are millions of fantastic tactics and games out there! I am sure I haven’t heard of them all yet, but when I do I will make sure to write all about them for you.
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