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Best 138 Blackjack Mobile Casino in 2021 🏆

Mobile Blackjack

In the Internet era, everything tends to migrate into this virtual environment. Specifically, today's casinos are assuming this form. One of the most popular games is blackjack, the modern version of Twenty-One. Thanks to mobile devices, the online blackjack game is now accessible in any place, at any time.

Mobile versions of blackjack can now be played just like in a classical casino following the same principles. The player places the bet in the betting box and the dealer deals the cards from a shuffling machine in a clockwise order. The gambler's purpose is to win the money having a higher hand than the dealer.

Best 138 Blackjack Mobile Casino in 2021 🏆

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Mobile Blackjack

How To Play Blackjack

How To Play Blackjack

How do you play and beat the dealer? The ideal result is to get a hand total of 21, or to hit a higher value than the dealer's hand but not to exceed 21. After choosing the bet, the dealer gives the cards one by one from the "first base", which is his far left side, to the "third base" which is his far right. After each participant has received 2 cards, the strategies can be applied. In some situations when the cards have the same value, the pair can be split in two. This is recommended for those situations when the cards' value is 2, 3 or 7.

If the player is reaching a value like 17, 18 or closer to 21, it is preferable to stand or not to take any card, hoping that dealer's hand is lower or exceeds 21. In any case, the player must keep an eye on the dealer's face up card and based on this value choose to hit, to stand, to double down or split the cards. In some games, there is also the option of surrendering. In this situation after the player decided to surrender, the house or the bank is taking half from player stake and giving him back half of the bet.

Rules in Blackjack

Rules in Blackjack

Although we are talking about the online version or classical method, the general blackjack rules are more or less the same. In the traditional game, the dealer is facing between 5 and 7 playing positions. The number of card decks can vary from one pack up to eight. In order to avoid the dealer cheating and also to reduce time, all the 52 standard card decks are shuffled by a shuffling machine or a dealing shoe. In each round, the gamblers must choose the stake to place in the betting box. After that, the dealer is sharing the cards one by one starting from his left to his right.

Each active position is receiving two cards in a clockwise order, one by one. In some situations, the first card can be turned face up depending on the inner rules. The main purpose in this competition is to win against the dealer. This can be done by realizing a sum higher than the dealer's hand, but not higher than 21. In order to do this, the player can choose from several options: take another card, end his turn, finish by accepting a single card and in some specific situations choose to split his hand if both cards have the same value. However, all these strategies and options will be discussed in the strategy section.

General Strategy

General Strategy

In order to win, the player must exploit every chance and think twice regarding the strategy he's applying but also be focused on the dealer's upcard. If the dealer's card is more than 8, 9, 10 or even an ace, the gambler must hit, or draw another card until a total sum of 19 or 20 is reached. If the dealer's upcard is a small one, like a 4 or 5, the player must stop drawing if he is totalizing 14, 15 or more, hoping that the dealer will exceed 21. The main strategy is to keep drawing until the player has reached an auspicious total of 17, 18 or closer to 21.

Regarding the splitting strategy, there are situations when the player should or should not split the cards. As mentioned previously, the gambler must keep an eye on the dealer's upcard. For example, a hand of 10 (a pair of 5) should be separated if the dealer's revealed card is a 10 or an ace, otherwise this hand can be very fruitful. Identically, a pair of 10's should not be separated. Basically, the double down strategy is depending upon dealer's revealed card. If the dealer obtained a sum bigger than 8, the pairs like 2, 3 or 7 should be split. Similarly, if dealer's hand is less than 6, a pair of 6 should be separated.

Playing Blackjack For Free

Playing Blackjack For Free

What can be more beneficent then having fun and gaining experience? For this reason, online mobile casinos give to players the possibility of testing the game in a free play mode. Both for beginners and veteran players this option is an opportunity to have fun, to practice and to apply strategies from anywhere.

An old adage says that: "there is none wiser than the experienced one".

In this way, the player can check his level, his abilities and he is allowed to make mistakes without any financial implications. Moreover, playing for free can stimulate the gamblers to test and build strategies before they start playing with real money.

Blackjack With Real Money

Blackjack With Real Money

Who doesn't want to have fun and fill the pockets at the same time? This is achievable but requires some preparation. Playing with real money can involve a risk, but this risk can be limited. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win but in both cases we must know the importance of playing responsibly.

First and foremost, the budget for losses must be holy and never broken.

After a loss, the temptation is to continue waiting for the lucky hand but each one must know his limits, master his desires and say stop!

Additionally, it is important not to be intoxicated because a corrupted mind will never attract something good.

History of Blackjack

History of Blackjack

The origin of blackjack is lost in time. The game was first mentioned in one of Miguel de Cervantes' books written in the beginning of the 17th century. The story hints at a Spanish game called veintiuna, which is translated to twenty-one. This game became very popular and was internalized in all casinos.

There are also some opinions suggesting that a similar game was popular in the Roman era. It is well known that the Romans loved to gamble but still, a game like blackjack is unlikely to have been invented by the Romans. Regardless of its birthplace, blackjack spread everywhere and became one of the most popular games ever.

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Tips to Maximize Odds

Tips to Maximize Odds

Whether you’re looking to play mobile roulette, blackjack, slots, or keno , you’re sure to lose most of the time. But don’t let that dampen your winning hopes because losing is the fun part of the game. So, instead of feeling bad when you lose, why not try to improve your gaming skills instead? Below are some tried and tested tips to help you maximize odds at mobile casino apps.

Best Android Mobile Games November 2020

Best Android Mobile Games November 2020

There is certainly no shortage of high-quality mobile casinos to sign up on today. While this means your selection headache is over, it also implies that you’ll now enjoy more bonus promotions and free games. With free games, you can enjoy unlimited sessions without committing a dime of your real money. So, let’s get down to business and identify the best Android mobile games to play for free in 2020.

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