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Best 39 Three Card Poker Online in 2020 🏆 Highest Paying Mobile Casinos

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Mobile Three Card Poker

Three card poker game was invented in 1994 by Derek Webb. It is a game based on poker, easy to learn and easy to play. Since it was invented, it became very popular and well-known in casinos worldwide. For the first time, it was adopted by Grand Casino in Mississippi.

Due to its popularity, it was rapidly introduced in online casinos. Like many other casino games, three card poker is not played against other people but the dealer. In this situation, bluffing or deceiving is impossible. The main objective is to hit the highest poker hand with only three cards, as the name suggests.

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How to Play Three Card Poker

A classic three card poker table is comprised of three betting areas: pair plus, ante and play. The game begins by placing a bet in pair plus or the ante area. Then, the dealer gives each player three cards. If a player has a wager in the ante betting area, is fronting two options: either fold or choose to play. If he decides to fold, the game is over and the dealer collects the players ante. If he chooses to continue an additional wager equal to his ante must be made. Once the choice is made, the dealer reveals his three-card hand.

In this case, there can be three results:

  1. If the player's hand is bigger, he will win receiving both ante and play bet.

  2. If the dealer's hand is higher the bank collects both bets.

  3. Any tie goes to the gambler.

Hand Rankings in Three Card Poker

Since the game involves only three cards, the rankings are different from standard poker game. The only possible rankings are as follows:

  1. High cardppp

  2. Pair

  3. Flush

  4. Straight

  5. Three of a kind

  6. Straight flush

If any player has a straight flush, three of a kind or straight, he will receive a bonus based on the paytable.

Three Card Poker Rules

Three card poker game is played between dealer and player. To start the game, the player must place an ante in designated area for ante, and additionally, he may place a pair plus bet. Each player is receiving three face-down cards.

If any player made an initial bet, then he must raise or fold. If he folds, he then loses his wager. If he raises, then he must add a play bet equal with his initial bet. After all these steps are realized, the dealer will reveal his cards. To qualify, the dealer needs a queen or something higher.

The order of poker hands

If the dealer cannot qualify, the player will receive the value of the initial bet and also the play bet money.

If the dealer's hand qualifies, then, by comparing both hands the winner will be declared.

If the player owns a bigger hand, he will be paid for both, ante and play bet.

If the player has a lower hand, the dealer will collect the bets.

If the dealer and the player tie, then the player receives both bets.

If the player hits a straight or something higher, regardless of the dealer hand, he will receive an ante bonus.

Three Card Poker Strategy

Just as the rules of the games are easy to learn so is the strategy. One reliable strategy consists in decreasing the house edge. Normally, three card poker game has a small house edge, approximately 3, 3%. But a random strategy and the side bets can increase the house edge considerably. Placing bets on pair plus will also add a few more percents to the house. Expecting big payouts like a straight flush is a comfortable thought, but at the same time, the risk to lose is much higher. So it is preferable to avoid pair plus bets and play responsibly.

Another general strategy comprises 3 main techniques:


Mastering the rules is the key to success. This will avoid mistakes and random bets and will decrease risk betting.


Once the budget is set, the player must stick to it and not exceed it. The minimum denomination for three card poker online is 1$, 5$ or 25$. Making moderate wagers will prolong the time spent in-game and by default, the odds.


Choosing the same online casino it is also an advantage. By gaining experience in the same casino and game, the player increases the odds. Moreover, the loyal players are rewarded with bonuses by casinos, thus increasing the budget.

Three Card Poker Free

Comprising large payouts, basic rules, and reasonable house edge, three card poker game was rapidly adopted by mobile casinos. Most online casinos provide a free play version of the game, making it accessible for everybody. If some people use this opportunity to have fun, others utilize it for a bigger benefit.

A great advantage of games provided in free mode is the fact that players are given an excellent opportunity to learn and absorb different strategies, especially for those games that are not based just on luck. By practicing three card poker for free the player can try any tactic and scheme without investing any money.

Three Card Poker with Real Money

It's all about the money!

Playing three card poker online may be an enjoyable activity, but if the financial risk is involved everything must be managed like a pro. This is the reason why some things must be avoided and other things that should be taken into consideration.

Someone should never exceed the budget set for the game. A good mood can favor the chance to win that is why a person should focus only on the main purpose and disconnect from everything else. Someone should never play if is distress or drunk. Additionally, a tainted and corrupted mind will never attract a good result.

History of Three Card Poker

Three card poker game is relatively new. It derived from a standard poker game and was created in 1994. Its invention is attributed to Derek Webb. For the first time, the game was adopted by Grand Casino in Mississippi. Also, in 2002 it was introduced in the United Kingdom.

The game becomes very popular and was quickly internalized by casinos. The reason for this fast ascension is the fact that it contains the main elements for a successful casino game: it is easy to understand the rules and easy to play, the payouts are attractive and the house edge is acceptable for any casino.

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