March 19, 2022

5G Casino and its impact on mobile casino games

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When 4G was rolled out in 2009, everyone wanted a piece of it. This mobile data promised faster and more stable cellular connections. But over a decade down the line, 5G is offering even better mobile data speeds. And as expected, the mobile gambling industry has strategically placed itself to reap the full benefits of 5G casino gaming. But how exactly will this next-gen tech revolutionize mobile gambling?

5G Casino and its impact on mobile casino games

What is 5G?

5G (fifth-generation network) is a cellular network rolled out in 2019. It’s the able replacement for 4G, which most smartphones currently have. And according to GSM Association, the mobile phone industry expects at least 1.7 billion 5G subscribers by 2025. However, as of now, you need to upgrade to a 5G-enabled device to enjoy this service.

Compared to 4G, 5G offers high reliability and ultra-fast data speeds. Currently, stable 4G networks with lower latency bands operate at up to 6GHz compared to 5G which maxes out at 300GHz. Not only that, 5G can reach speeds of 20GB/second while 4G offers 1GB/second. So, all things considered, 5G is perfect for playing the best mobile casino games.

How 5G will change the mobile casino industry

Mobile gaming will grow

According to recent statistics, there are 2.2 billion active mobile gamers globally. Mobile phones now offer faster processors, bigger and better displays, and 4G networks. But 5G is promising to take that even a step further. More gamers will now choose mobile gaming over PC or console gaming due to faster and smoother gameplay. And yes, the game graphics and images will look sharper than ever.

The rise of live dealer games

A few years ago, the doubting Thomases would dismiss any live mobile casino play chances. But live variants are taking over these days, thanks to their real nature. These games are played in real-time from state-of-the-art studios managed by professional croupiers. But to enjoy a smooth live gaming experience, players are advised to use Wi-Fi. Well, that’s no longer necessary, thanks to 5G, which is faster and more stable than most ‘average’ Wi-Fi networks.

More cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is the future of video games. Instead of downloading and installing large game files on PC, cloud gamers simply play and save their gaming data on remote servers. Of course, this requires a fast and reliable internet connection like 5G. Besides saving you vital storage space, cloud gaming also allows gamers to continue playing on any internet-connected device. All in all, the benefits of cloud gaming are immense.

Crypto-games will flourish

There are immense benefits of using cryptocurrency over fiat currencies at the best mobile casinos. First, cryptocurrencies use virtually unbreakable blockchain technology. Also, crypto transactions are usually direct between the player and the mobile casino. This eliminates the long transaction durations, unnecessary charges, and the snooping authorities. With high-speed 5G, crypto-gambling will be more popular than traditional betting.

Sportsbooks will reap big

It’s impossible to talk about mobile casinos without mentioning bookies, as most casinos have a sportsbook section. And yes, most casino players are avid sports bettors. That said, 5G will help players quickly create a betslip on a fast-approaching opportunity. Also, live bets will be easier to place due to faster refresh rates and live updates. And don’t forget, streaming live sports events on mobile or PC will now be quicker and smoother.


Up to here, you should be eager to get that 5G smartphone. But wait, purchasing a brand-new 5G phone will set you back a few dollars. However, that’s inevitable these days when mobile phone technology evolves night and day. The benefits clearly outweigh the price tag.

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