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Mobile Slots Explained



Mobile slots games have revolutionalized the way people play their favorite slots games. This article explores several features offered by mobile slots.### A Closer Look at Features Offered by Mobile Slot GamesSlots games are undoubtedly among the most played online casino games. A key driver behind the popularity of these games is the fact that they are loaded with all manner of exciting features. Moreover, the fact that mobile developers are up at their game also means that punters have more than enough to chew.The possibility of playing live dealer games on a smartphone has catapulted the popularity of slot games. Moreover, the availability of innovative features aimed at helping players add some extra cash to their wallets makes mobile slots attractive. That said, here are a number of noteworthy aspects of mobile slots that make them particularly appealing to punters.### 243 Ways to WinWhat does "243 ways to win" mean? This is a winning format employed by both online and mobile slot games. This feature offers mobile casino players a whopping 243 ways to win on every spin. Notably, this feature allows players to bet on the spin, and not on individual pay lines.Every symbol on the screen contributes to a winning combination. The catch here is that all combinations are matched from right to left. Microgaming first introduced this feature, and other developers were quick to follow. Players who know how to optimize this feature are bound to enjoy a fun-filled and winning slot game adventure.### Scatter SymbolsScatter symbols are undoubtedly among the most cherished mobile slots features. Even though scatter symbols might not be new to slots, their use in mobile slots gaming is revolutionary. Scatter symbols can be used to unlock different features in slots games. Even better, they are among the top-paying mobile slots symbols.Unlike other symbols, scatter symbols do not have to be on the payline to grant a win. Instead, they randomly pop up on the reels. Some symbols multiply wins, while others offer bonus games and free spins. Punters, thus, need to understand rules which govern the use of scatter symbols before playing.### Bonus GamesBonus games can make or break a player's gaming experience. Bonus slots games are essentially mini-games for mobile slots players. These games are triggered by hitting a selection of symbols that might also be triggered randomly. Mobile slots machines with bonus games, therefore, are designed to improve the player's chances of winning.It is worth noting that there are a variety of bonus games, some of which include free spins, Re-spins, Instant win, and Pathway game, among others. Bonus games offer slots players an escape route from regular spins. Activating a bonus game is a matter of luck, but winning might require an element of skill.

Mobile Slots Explained

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